Natalia is a 10-year-old Bengal hybrid tiger rescued with a number of other exotic animals from the Collins Zoo in Mississippi in January 2012. The story and a video of her rescue can be found HERE.  The rescue was a joint effort involving the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, The Humane Society US, and the excellent sanctuaries who made homes for the animals.  HSUS and state officials put in years of work to close the roadside zoo where many animals died of abuse and neglect. The lion in the undercover video leading up to the rescue did not survive.

The photo above shows Natalia taking her first step from her transport cage into the quarantine area at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

The photo below shows Natalia (foreground) and littermate Anastasia in Mississippi, where they were kept in a concrete enclosure.  Both female tigers were unsure about stepping on grass as it seemed to be a new experience. The third tiger, an older male named Gustavo, literally bolted from his transport cage.  All three are being rehabilitated at Black Beauty as they wait for the courts to decide on their custody.

Natalia is the more assertive and adventurous of the two females. She eats first and is the first to explore their new home and  play with new toys.  Anastasia doesn't mind as she knows there is enough food.

Natalia likes her ball.

All three Mississippi rescue tigers will soon enjoy spacious multi-acre enclosures that will allow them to really run.

Natalia scratches her log at Black Beauty Ranch.










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